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Technology Update: Combating Corrosion

SpecialChem / Jun 15, 2005

Corrosion - that is to say, deterioration of metals rather than wood or plastics under exposure to adverse environmental conditions - costs billions of dollars in terms of repairs, reducing the life expectancy of constructions and occasionally resulting in serious accidents due to structural failure. Surface coatings are not the only means by which corrosion can be prevented, but they are certainly the most important, often the most cost-effective and sometimes the only appropriate method. Corrosion problems are normally associated with exterior exposure (and it is therefore necessary to ensure coating systems will resist other environmental pressures such as wind and sunlight) but extremely aggressive interior environments can also be found in industrial situations. A prime example of this is a paper machine, on which different metal parts are exposed to various combinations of water spray and splashes, high humidity, condensation, high temperatures and attack by corrosive materials given off by the paper.

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