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Technology Update: Architectural Finishes

SpecialChem / May 18, 2005

The term 'architectural paints' is not readily defined. In market statistics, architectural and decorative paints are grouped together - reasonably enough, since it's sometimes possible to use the same tin of paint both inside and outside a building. However, not only does the market definition include interior finishes, but it excludes powder and coil coatings, both widely used for fa├žade panels on major buildings, as well as industrial woodfinishes, increasingly used for new-build and restoration projects as well as interior flooring and furniture. For the purposes of this article, the technical focus will be narrowed down to coatings which can be applied on-site to the exterior of buildings, whether the substrate is wood, metal or masonry. Most of these coatings are today waterborne, and it may be worth noting that the European term 'emulsion paint' is used here where some readers might expect to see 'latex' or 'dispersion' paints. The general moves towards higher solids contents in solvent-borne paints, and also from solvent-borne to water-bornes, means that one should not try to interpret figures such as these too closely.

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