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Synergistic Effects Between Alumina Nanoparticles and Conventional Additives

SpecialChem / Oct 18, 2005

Nanoparticles can improve the properties of a coating system drastically. One of the most investigated effects is the improved scratch and abrasion resistance, but UV-absorption, biocidal effects and others are also of interest. This paper presents combinations of alumina nanoparticles and specifically functionalized polymeric additives that lead to a remarkable enhancement of coating performance. The use of nanoparticles in coatings materials is increasing strongly. One of the main applications is to obtain an enhanced scratch and abrasion resistance. This application area is also interesting for furniture coatings and, of course, for use in flooring coatings. There are several possibilities available when considering a change from an established coating system without nanoparticles to a coating system that contains nanoparticles. The easiest way is the use of a nanoparticle concentrate as an additive for existing coating systems. This additive concept was investigated in different UV-curable coating systems. The objective of this study is to show the performance of alumina nanoparticles with respect to scratch and abrasion resistance.

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