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Sustainable Coatings: The Long Term View

SpecialChem / Apr 2, 2008

Over the past few years, this series of technology reviews has dealt with many different aspects of coatings technology. Increasingly, it has become difficult to find subject areas of general interest which do not overlap extensively with something already discussed. To bring this series to a suitable close, I thought it would be interesting to look further ahead than usual; to consider factors and technologies which may change the face of the coatings industry in the longer term. What might the paint industry look like not ten, but fifty years from now? All attempts to predict the future this far ahead in any detail will fail; the best that can be hoped for is that a partial idea of where we are (or ought to be) heading may help us along the road to the future. Although alkyds are normally based on vegetable oils and many authors have reported the development of other types of resin 'based on renewable resources', closer examination usually reveals that one part of the molecule has been derived in this way while another has been synthesised from mineral resources.

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