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Small Bead Milling Process Optimization

SpecialChem / Nov 7, 2007

The development of products is usually conducted on laboratory scale equipment that is similar to that used in the plant. Once the customer accepts the sample, the last formula made is given to the plant to produce. This formulation is transferred to the plant with varying degrees of detail. The product is scheduled for production usually as single batch. The process for selecting the initial operating conditions follows on several scenarios 1. Use the conditions from the Research and Development conditions. 2. The plant uses the conditions from products that they process that are "similar". 3. Consultation with Industry experts as to the best starting conditions. 4. Settings developed in a pilot plant at best i.e. shortest time- best strength. In addition to determining the ingredients to include, the order of addition, to the apparatus to use we must arrive at the initial process settings. Once the process in production we will need to determine how to improve its efficiency and adjust for variation in materials.

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