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Skin-deep Beauty of Automotive Coatings

SpecialChem / May 25, 2007

Most of us have a special "love relationship" with our cars much is to do with their aesthetic appearance. Shape, colour and surfaces contribute to a car's attraction in the show-room. This "love-relationship" with our car is not just for the instant when the car is bought - the car manufacturers must ensure that the car's aesthetic appearance survives for many years and road-miles. "In the automotive area, aesthetics are key. You have to have a 10-year life, and the finish has to look exquisite." "Every car owner wants his or her vehicle. Scratches on a car put a damper on the driver's pleasure and reduce gloss." Car manufacturers don't make it easy for its coating suppliers, expecting their coating suppliers to meet the following profile. 1. maintain their colour properties during the car's lifetime 2. keep their glossy, shiny surfaces 3. withstand rain, hail, ice and snow, heat and cold, and several years of intensive brushing in the car wash. 4. not be destroyed by gravel and chippings on dirt tracks, desert sand, or salt scattered on roads in the winter

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