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R&H Enhancing Roadway Safety

SpecialChem / The American Chemistry Council – Aug 29, 2007

It has been nearly 100 years since large-scale, production-line manufacturing made automobiles affordable for average Americans-and we haven't looked back since. 1. The U.S. interstate system consists of 3.9 million miles of public roads. 2. U.S. interstates account for 25 percent of all miles traveled by cars throughout the nation. 3. There are more than 220 million cars on the roads of the U.S.- an average of more than one car for every American adult. Keeping drivers and passengers safe on nearly four million miles of public roads is no small task. Lane markings and directional signs keep traffic flowing, while informational signs tell us where we are and how much farther we have to go. Traffic lights direct us when to stop, when to go, and when to use caution. Uniformity in road markings is important to keep drivers safe, as is visibility. Chemistry helps improve the safety of our roadways by making both those markings and all traffic signs highly reflective, durable, and visible. These qualities are especially important at night or during inclement weather.

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