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Proposal for a test method to assess facade coatings against colonization by algae

SpecialChem / Apr 13, 2005

This document deals with a proposal for a laboratory test method designed to accelerate the colonization process of microscopic algae on facade coating materials. The materials are placed into a chamber and exposed to intermittent sprinkling and lighting, the sprinkling solution is distilled water enriched with nutrients and containing cells of growing algae. The device consists of a 100 x 50 x 50 cm glass chamber, containing a stainless steel rest inclined at 45° onto which specimens of facade coatings are placed. The rest is a back-toback system so as to double the number of specimens to be tested. The chamber is equipped with two sprinkling rails, each rail is made of stainless steel tubes with 2 mmdiameter holes drilled every centimetre. Since algae are photoautotrophic organisms, the chamber also includes two 30 W neon lamps which favour plant growth. The chamber is previously filled with 50 L of aqueous solution containing nutrients and cells of growing algae. The sprinkling rails are supplied thanks to two pumps immersed into the solution and connected to the rails by plastic hoses.

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