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Powder Coatings Additives

SpecialChem / Sep 18, 2003

The high performance of powder coatings is further increased by the use of additives. Additives are designed to improve properties such as prevention of discoloration during powder coating resin synthesis and curing, ease of spraying the powder onto the substrate, enhanced durability of the coating during service life through light stabilization, and improved corrosion resistance. Major Powder Coatings Additives Aside from additives like matting, leveling and degassing agents, other classes of additives are frequently used in powder coatings, such as tribo-charging additives, antioxidants, and light stabilizers. This article discusses the newest laboratory results in this field. There are presently two techniques to apply powder onto a substrate. The major one in North America is the corona process, where the sprayed powder particles are forced through an electrical field to become negatively charged. The charged particles are attracted and deposited on the grounded object to be painted, generally a metallic substrate. The second application is the so-called tribo-static process.

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