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Polyurea Spray Coatings: The Technology and Latest Developments

SpecialChem / Nov 24, 2003

Polyurea spray coating technology is a recent development in the polyurethane coatings industry. Polyurethane chemistry is about 60 years old. Since the 1970s elastomeric urethane coatings have been available. The polyurea elastomer technology was introduced some 10 years later. Two main application areas are reaction injection moulding (RIM) and sprayable coatings. Polyurea coatings combine extreme application properties such as rapid cure (even at temperatures well below 0°C) and insensitivity to humidity to exceptional physical properties such as high hardness, flexibility, tear and tensile strength, and chemical and water resistance. The result is good weathering and abrasion resistance. The systems are 100%-solids, making them compliant with the strictest VOC regulations. Due to its specific curing profile and exceptional film properties, the polyurea spray coating technique developed into various areas, including corrosion protection, containment, membranes, linings and caulks.

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