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Pigment Dispersions Using Sonic Techniques

SpecialChem / Sep 29, 2004

Most engineers are familiar with ultrasonic energies being used for cleaning parts, welding plastics, or perhaps even for performing medical examinations. Produced by transducing piezoelectric-generated vibrations, ultrasonic energy applications include the production of emulsions and dispersions. Applied in the laboratory to make small quantities, use in paint systems has been investigated over the years. Scale-up efforts have proven to be very costly in capital investment and in power demands. Mechanical generation as compared to transduced electronic systems has changed all that, proving to be very efficient. One of these methods provides a means for material to be in direct contact with high-energy cavatational forces. It does not involve high electrical energy or a complicated generating mechanism. This method provides a means for high-intensity processing of very large amounts of materials economically by a direct translation of kinetic energy produced in a pump into cavatational energy ultrasonically produced.

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