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Optimal Selection and Use of Pigment Dispersing Agents

SpecialChem / Johan Bieleman & Johan Bieleman – Dec 14, 2011

The dispersion of pigments is the most important process in determining the quality of paint. Pigment Dispersing Agents play an essential role in the dispersion process. This paper is intended to present an introduction in the dispersion process and introduces basic principles used as selection criteria for optimal use of dispersing agents. Dispersing agents are additives used in coating formulations to facilitate the dispersion of the solid constituents in the liquid phase, during manufacture, storage and application of the coating material. Complete dispersion of pigment and extender in the liquid medium is essential for optimization properties such as processability, shelf-life stability, color development, opacity and gloss. Moreover, the quality of the dry paint film or ink is very much related to the uniformity of the distribution of the pigment. Inferior mechanical film properties and low film transparency are often related to insufficient pigment dispersion. In order to optimize the stage of dispersion, well controlled conditions for the dispersion process and dispersion stabilization need to be maintained. Dispersing agents play a key role in accomplishing this condition.

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