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New Sulfonic Acid Catalysts for Coil Coatings

SpecialChem / Mar 18, 2009

A new class of blocked sulfonic acid catalysts has been developed that promotes the crosslinking reaction of hydroxyl-functional polymers with amino-formaldehyde crosslinking agents such as hexamethoxymethyl melamine, especially in coil coatings. These catalysts are particularly effective in coil primer formulations containing calcium ion exchange anti-corrosive pigments. Coil coatings are high-performance liquid coatings applied to flat steel and aluminum metal strips before they are fabricated into the final product. Coil coatings are applied in a continuous process at very high line speeds, baked in seconds at very high temperatures and rewound for delivery to the user. The metal strip must then be cut and further fabricated without cracking, chipping or scratching the finish. The process is value added and offers several benefits. It is environmentally friendly, non-polluting and with the ecological advantage of little or no waste. Most lines usually use the exhaust air (containing solvents) from the hoods over the coaters to heat the ovens and hence recycle the residual heat from the oven exhaust.

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