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New "Eco-Friendly" Universal Corrosion Inhibitors

SpecialChem / Jan 27, 2010

Human behavior has caused a great impact on the world; it has taken us time to understand the repercussions and the environmental accidents that have seriously compromised our own future. Chemical weapons, insecticides, fertilizers, industrial effluents, paints and organic solvents have damaged the health of the planet and its inhabitants to the point of contaminating even the most remote places. In the eighties, due to several environmental scandals, different scientific publications, etc., prompted the need for a new environmentally friendly and transparent chemistry. Conventional coatings contain derived synthetic products from the petrochemical industry that can harm our health and the environment. The danger resides in the heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, mercury, etc., and in VOCs such as xylene, toluene, phenols and formaldehydes, which are emitted by paints and varnishes when applied, or while they dry. The challenges currently faced by the coatings industry are not just to reduce cost and improve performance but also to fulfill strict legal requirements.

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