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New Curing Agents for Dimensionally Stable, Aqueous Epoxy Resin Coatings

SpecialChem / Jun 22, 2005

Many polymeric or plastic materials are subject to considerable change in dimension during the production or curing process caused by shrinking and volume contraction. This applies in particular to coatings that contain a polymeric binder and solvents. The shrinkage is, in most cases, not directly observable in the comparatively thin paint films. The volume contraction is often only distinctly visible at coating layers of more than 0.5 mm. Relevant negative effects such as crack formation or, in severe cases, a complete peeling of the coatings, are not unusual. Solvent-free systems may be affected just as solventborne systems. The phenomenon of shrinkage is particularly crucial for aqueous-based coatings. Development of modern, dimensionally stable, environment-friendly and water-dilutable epoxy resin coatings is, therefore, an important objective.Two major types of shrinkage are distinguished for polymer materials: shrinkage in the course of the process and the so-called after-shrinkage. The combination of both types is considered as total shrinkage.

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