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New Additive to Enhance Surface Cleanability

SpecialChem / Jun 4, 2003

The term "Lotus-Effect®" represents the replication of the self-cleaning properties of lotus leaves on man-made surfaces. It has gained recent attention in literature as well as in some end-use applications. The effect is based on a very hydrophobic surface that is also micro-structured. This article discusses the potential for obtaining similar effects in coatings using additives without the need for micro-structured surfaces. This approach permits the creation of transparent and high-gloss coatings that are significantly easier to keep clean than conventional painted surfaces. A new hydroxy- (OH) functional silicone modified acrylate additive can enhance the surface-cleaning properties (cleanability) of coatings. Crosslinkable by way of OH-groups, BYK-Silclean® 3700 provides long-lasting significant improvements in cleanability so that adhering dust and dirt particles as well as graffiti can be removed much easier compared to "normal" surfaces.The phenomenon of the water repellency of plant leaf surfaces has been known for many years.

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