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Nanosized, Functionally Dispersed Additives

SpecialChem / Nov 18, 2009

This paper discusses the different mechanisms to improve scratch and wear resistance of solvent and waterborne coatings by incorporation of nano oxide particles. Depending on the concentration of nano particles and their orientation in the coating film, different results were obtained. Not only the nano particle core, but also surface modifications (boundary phase) have great impact on the performance of the Al2O3 or SiO2.The demand for enhanced scratch and wear resistance in today’s clear and pigmented coatings is increasing. The idea of an everlasting surface that retains its initial properties is the driving force for the ongoing research in this field. Today, not only automobiles or high-end furniture, but also substrates such as ceramic tile, marble, wood, wood flooring, plastic, paper and vinyl floorings have clear topcoats to protect their surfaces from abrasion and scratching. There are various ways to enhance scratch resistance in these coatings.These new nano silica and alumina particles can also be incorporated into pigmented coatings.

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mahesh s May 28, 2019
they do a great job. still need more work on safety of handling and contact. very little effort to address in a absolute way and long-term.

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