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Nanoparticle Dispersions Offer Improved Resistance for Waterborne Coatings

SpecialChem / Aug 12, 2009

Nanoparticle dispersions as functional additives can be an interesting alternative to improve the performance of waterborne coatings. This paper illustrates that specifically processed ZnO nanoparticle dispersions called Oxylink™ can increase the chemical resistance of waterborne coatings. The overall market share of environmentally friendly waterborne coatings is still relatively small compared to solventborne alternatives. Yet, waterborne coatings become increasingly important as a technology to reduce VOC emissions and thus cost. Waterborne coatings are pushed worldwide by regulatory bodies for higher market shares. Today, they are used in a wide selection of market segments, such as wood and furniture, but also on non-wood substrates such as metals and plastics for industrial maintenance coatings, coatings for machines and equipment, and metal cans. One obstacle that still limits the use of waterborne coatings in various applications is the sometimes poor solvent and humidity resistance of waterborne coatings. In order to overcome these drawbacks, different additives are available, mainly based on silicones or paraffin waxes.

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