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How to Find the Right Nanoadditive?

Steven Abbott – Jun 6, 2017

Nanoaddtitives for Coating SystemsYou really need to think carefully before taking a nano-formulation route.

My utmost goal in this series is to provide you assistance while dealing with nanoparticles in coating formulations

In this article and the upcoming ones, I want to clear some theories while:

 » Selecting the right nanoadditive
 » Testing efficiency of nanoparticles, and
 » Dealing with nanosafety

Read this article now to get rid of all the possible problems that might occur while selecting and formulating with nanoparticles.

2 Comments on "How to Find the Right Nanoadditive?"
Sajeev D Nov 6, 2018
We Need 1K Hybrid PU nano resin and its additives. Also looking for manufacturing the same nano paints. Can you suggest or give advice for formulating and raw materials available sources. I brought 1 container from USA Nanovere NCI. Would like to manufacture. We are in Saudi Arabia manufacturing all type of industrial and decorative paints since 25 years. Looking forward to hear from you. Sajeev Production Manager
Jose C Jun 28, 2017
Contaminants suspended in the air will increase with "nano-particles". Nano-materials are ok for nano-technology, but it is time to regulate them before the environment, included the human being, start to become affected.

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