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Matching the market: new ways to sell paint

SpecialChem / Mar 7, 2007

As observed in last month's Frontiers article, we usually buy paint either to protect substrates or to change their appearance. But it is also relevant to ask why we buy a particular brand or type of paint. The farther we are removed from a closely-specified industrial application, the more scope there is for the paintmaker to apply ingenuity in marketing the same product more effectively, or for making changes to enhance its consumer appeal. The area in which marketing innovation is most effective is naturally that of DIY decorative products, but a few interesting ideas can be found in industrial applications too, often when manufacturers seek to promote the benefits of new technologies. It has to be noted that there are major differences in the markets for domestic paints in different countries, and in the ways in which they are sold. A few examples may be quoted: 1. US paintmakers are often much more closely linked to paint retailers than in (for example) the UK. 2. The extent to which point-of-sale color matching equipment is used varies greatly from country to country.

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