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Mass Flow Measurement in Varnish Production

SpecialChem / Aug 5, 2009

Mixing, dosing and grinding are essential processes in paint and varnish production. In order to ensure a high level of automation, it is essential to be able to measure flows accurately and reliably. As some raw materials used in the manufacturing processes are very expensive, product wastage and equipment downtime can lead to considerable losses. This is doubly annoying because the measuring technology currently available on the market can effectively prevent or at least help prevent these losses. This is illustrated in the example of BASF Coatings AG (Figure 1), who uses KROHNE's Coriolis flowmeters to detect leakages. Coriolis flowmeters can be used to calculate the mass flow rate from the deformation of the measuring tube caused by the inertia. The media density can also be derived from the resonance frequency of the vibrating tube. The sensor in the OPTIMASS comprises a straight measuring tube, which is caused to vibrate by a field coil attached to the center of the tube. The excitation is controlled in such a way that the measuring tube always vibrates in its resonance frequency.

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