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Low-VOC Non-Toxic Primer for Coatings

SpecialChem / May 7, 2003

To even a casual observer, it is clear that laws governing the use of VOC-containing coatings are becoming increasingly more stringent. For example, in California, coatings in the category Essential Public Service Coatings (a group that would be expected to enjoy considerable leniency) are subject to the very restrictive schedule shown in Table 1. Though California may be at the vanguard of environment-focused legislation, it is reasonable to expect that other states will eventually enact similar legislation. While the soundness of such legislation is a matter of debate, the outcome is not.1 For coatings manufacturers, future success depends upon the availability of products that have low levels of VOCs (i.e., low enough to comply with the laws where they are employed). There is another even more important factor that motivates coatings manufacturers to offer products with low levels of VOCs - safety. Replacement of VOCs with water, or low-hazard solvents, results in a safer workplace for applicators. Moreover, the cost of managing VOCs is reduced.

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