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The material selection platform
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Keys to Meaningful, Long-Term Weathering Predictability

SpecialChem / Sep 2, 2009

People have intentionally tested coatings for their resistance to environmental exposure for just over 100 years, and unintentionally since the dawn of mankind. Light-fastness and weatherability testing for color and appearance properties such as fading, color shift and gloss loss, as well as physical performance such as adhesion or cracking is necessary for many reasons. These tests may be used to evaluate new ingredients, formulations, technologies and Matching Sunlight ; to benchmark competitive products; to meet customer, industry or regulatory requirements; or to understand product liability and warranty issues, among other needs.However, the need for better (e.g., faster, more predictive) weatherability testing of materials and products is growing due to several significant factors. Key among these are:* frequent changes in formulation, such as pigment chemistry and low-VOC content, brought about by environmental and health safety legislation or cost-reduction initiatives;* sourcing or producing ingredients or products from new suppliers or regions, such "Chindia".

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