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Infrared Spectroscopic Analysis of Modified Rosin Ester Resins

SpecialChem / Feb 17, 2010

The goal of this research was to determine whether mid-infrared (MIR) or near-IR could be used to determine the consistency of materials supplied within and between vendors, and whether physical characterizations could be correlated to the variations in the materials and to functional groups. IR spectroscopy is well known as an excellent tool for raw material qualification and structure-function determination. Both mid- and near-IR spectroscopy were applied to analyze the quality of resins used as raw materials. The purposes of determining the quality of raw materials and QC tests are to either assure the raw materials are of sufficient quality, or to provide information to adjust the manufacturing processes to yield quality products. To do this, it needs to be determined whether the spectral differences are sufficient to characterize quality. If the differences are sufficient, calibrations can then be developed to screen raw materials or to provide information on whether and how a process needs to be adjusted so the product meets the critical quality parameters.

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