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BIT Shortage: Occurence, Impact & Alternatives

Julian Kuscholke – Sep 26, 2019

BIT ShortagePreservatives or biocides are important additives in various applications such as:

       —   Adhesives and sealants (A&S)
       —   Paints
       —   Food and more

They are used to preserve the products from biological decomposition caused by various microbes.

Usually, the regulations surrounding biocides take center-stage but recently there were several news stories around the shortage of BIT or Benzoisothiazolinone - one of the most commonly used biocides.

BIT belongs to the group of Isothiazolinones, which are electrophilic in nature. It inhibits the metabolism by interacting with the SH or NH2 functionality present in the protein in the microbes.

Along with BIT, other Isothiazolinone biocides are equally important for example:

Besides Isothiazolinone many other groups of biocides exist and their usage highly depends on the target application.

Mostly, the formulators use a mixture of biocides for better performance over a wide range of microbes, because every biocide is specific to microbes. This enables the usage of a lower total amount of biocides.

While choosing a biocide, formulators need to consider:

       —   The target microbe
       —   The effect of the chemical environment for example water on the biocide

Considerations for choosing a Biocide

For example, BIT is easily solvable in water. Therefore, it is preferred in water-based applications e.g. architectural coatings and A&S.

 »  Explore, in detail, how did the impending shortage of Benzoisothiazolinone (BIT) occur & the steps taken to resolve this issue. Also, find here, the alternative solutions to BIT listed by EPA.

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