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Growth of UV/EB Inks Throughout Europe

SpecialChem / Ink World Magazine – May 7, 2008

Energy-curing inks are continuing to grow strongly in Europe, even though the graphics market as a whole is slowing down. The big challenge now facing the energy-curing sector is how to maintain the momentum. In Eastern Europe, sales of energy curing inks are going up at 5 to 10 percent, nearly double the level of conventional inks. Demand has been particularly high in Russia, according to industry sources. In relation to static growth in the total ink market in Western Europe, the proportional increase in radcure ink sales has been at least equal or even higher than that in Eastern Europe. At 4 to 5 percent, the rise in energy curing demand is as much as three to four times higher than average growth throughout the whole ink sector in Western Europe. Much of the big rise in the need for energy curing has been for UV systems. But there has also been a surge in use of electron beam (EB)curing, particularly following decreases in the cost of EB equipment."UV inks are benefiting from two major assets of good adhesion to the substrate and resistance."

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