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Essential Equipment for Inkjet Ink Manufacturing

Terence Kenneth – Dec 14, 2017

Essential Equipment for Inkjet Ink Manufacturing Are you new to inkjet ink manufacturing and want to explore more on some of the essential / must-have pieces of equipment?

We are here to help you… Introduce yourself with a detailed knowledge on the equipment needs for solvent-borne and waterborne inks manufacturing.

Let’s begin by understanding the structure of an ink formulation:

Structure of an Ink Formulation

We know that an ink formulation consists of:

 » Colorant ( a dye or a pigment)
 » Resin component
 » Some additives, and
 » Liquid component

There are essentially two ways used to combine all of these ingredients:

 » We can utilize pre-dispersed pigment preparations (in solid or liquid form) and resin solutions and simply combine these with the liquid components - additives, water or solvent to make a finished ink.

 » The second way is to start from scratch - grinding your own pigments, dissolving resin into a liquid carrier and then successfully combining all of these ingredients. And it is for this method that we’re going to discuss the implementation of the equipment.

Water-based & Solvent-based Ink Formulation
Water-based & Solvent-based Ink Formulation

Read more to explore the key pieces of equipment used for manufacturing inkjet inks...

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