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Enlarging the Cure Window of Powder Coatings

SpecialChem / Dec 8, 2004

Powder coatings have grown continuously over the past years. The success is based on their well-known characteristics, such as finish excellence, application ease, energy savings, ecology and economics. Powder coating cure temperature is dependent on the powder coating system used. Table 1 displays an overview of several powder coating systems and cure temperatures. The cure times are between 10 and 30 minutes. The process of reducing the cure temperature and time for powder coatings still continues,2 driven by benefits in terms of energy and economics. Furthermore, there is the opportunity to extend the application of powder coatings to substrates like wood, MDF, plastics and coil. Other cure techniques like NIR3 or UV4 can also reduce powder coating cure temperature or time. In this paper the emphasis is on thermal (conventional) cure of powder coatings. The cure of a powder coating is affected by at least six factors e.g.: resin, crosslinker, catalyst, cure window, manufacturing method and the formulation. An overview describing these factors can be found in Figure 1.

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