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Encapsulated Gold Bronze Pigments

SpecialChem / Aug 13, 2003

A new line of colorful effect pigments, based on gold bronze pigments, was recently developed for the coatings industry. The copper and copper-zinc pigments are encapsulated with a thin silica layer, using sol-gel coatings technology. The silica layer increases the stability in comparison to the uncoated pigments and leads the way for specific surface modifications to adjust and to tailor the wetting properties. These golden metallics can serve a wide range of coatings systems and open up new color styling possibilities. Golden and shining colors were used thousands of years ago to provide added value to objects such as buildings or statues. Until the end of the 19th century, gold leaf was applied for these purposes, but the gilding process was very time-consuming and the raw material extremely expensive. At the beginning of the last century, owing to new manufacturing techniques, gold leaf was gradually replaced with metal-effect pigments based on copper zinc alloys. These gold bronze pigments have found widespread use in the printing, coatings and plastics industries whenever brilliance and metallic golden luster are required.

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