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Emerging Trends in Optical Coatings Impacting the Global Market

Rutuja Jathar – May 18, 2018

Emerging Trends in Optical CoatingsThe optical coating manufacturing is getting influenced by the ongoing trends in other industries, including:

 − Photovoltaics
 − Photonics
 − Optics
 − Display
 − Optical data processing
 − Automotive, and
 − Others

It is vital for the companies to stay focused on the latest developments in technology and applications. Along with reducing reflection and enhancing transmission, the optical coating is being used in numerous advanced applications.

This is one of the most prominent trends for the manufacturers looking to expand their businesses. Researchers expect innovation to be the key to success for the manufacturers of the optical coating.

So, let's take a look at the prominent materials & techniques used in optical coatings market that could bring about innovative ideas for new developments.

Materials & Techniques Used in Optical Coatings

Sputter Deposition Method  for Applying Optical CoatingsDifferent types of coatings are used for optical usage such as protection from damage and enhancement of optical functions. Deposited as thin-film multilayers, optical coatings are made using a variety of materials and deposition techniques. Sputter coating and vacuum deposition are some of the most common methods of applying optical coatings.

The simplest type of coating is produced using thin-layers of different types of metals such as silver, gold, and aluminum. The thickness of metal coatings determines their reflectivity.

The dielectric coating is made using materials with a different refractive index to the substrate. Materials such as calcium fluoride, magnesium fluoride, and various types of metal oxides are used to create this type of optical coating.

These coatings find applications across different scientific optical instruments and consumers devices owing to their versatility.

Top 4 Trends in Optical Coating Industry

The industry components dealing with optical coating materials need to understand that this market is highly dependent on technological and product innovations. Hence, investments in research and developments (R&D) and new coating processes are considered as the most preferred tools for the manufacturers and suppliers to discover novel opportunities.

Adoption of advanced processes is vital for the companies to increase profit margins by reducing operational costs. A variety of optical coatings such as hydrophobic, antiglare, and abrasion resistant coatings are used in many applications, like:

 − Automotive
 − Consumer electronics
 − Aeronautic
 − Electronics, and
 − And more

Trends in the industry mainly revolve around consumer preference and competition driven by innovation. Here are some of the top trends observed in the industry:

#1. Emerging Applications

Top Trends Observed in the Industry
U.S. Optical Coating Market volume, by application, 2015-2022 (Kilo Tons)
Grand View Research, Inc.

According to the researchers, consumer electronics is anticipated to continue driving the demand for different types of coatings in the years to come. Rising penetration of smartphones, demand for optical add-on kits, touchscreens, displays, and product innovations can further impel the demand from consumer electronics segment.

Emerging Applications of Optical CoatingsGrowth opportunities can be created for small and large enterprises with new application areas, like:

 − Solar
 − Medical
 − Military and defense
 − Architecture
 − Aerospace
 − Industrial, and
 − Transportation

The medical sector is anticipated to witness innovative applications in the years to come, especially in diagnostics, research, and treatment. Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and optical spectroscopy among other instruments also use optical coatings.

#2. Investments in Innovations

As suggested by expert researchers, innovation plays a pivotal role in determining product sales and health of supply chain. Growing demand for high-precision and durable coatings is anticipated to encourage manufacturers to innovate and develop products using cutting-edge technologies and pricing them affordable.

Majority of companies are investing in R&D. Some of these companies are:

Investments in Innovations
 − Cascade Optical Corporation
 − Newport Corporation
 − Schott AG
 − PPG Industries, and
 − Abrisa Technologies among others

New product development with the help of business collaborations and technological advancements are increasingly adopted to expand product portfolio and global influence.

 » Continue reading to explore the other two trends. Also find out advancements in optical coating product developments and their future outlook!

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mohan s May 19, 2018
Informative article. Thanks.

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