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ECS 2017 Review: Key Trends & Innovations

Sreeparna Das – Apr 28, 2017

European Coatings Show 2017The month of April got off to a busy start with thousands of visitors and exhibitors making their way to Nuremberg for the European Coatings Show!

Such events serve as the perfect platform for networking, meeting business partners, prospects, colleagues and visitors and ECS 2017 was no different. SpecialChem made its debut as an exhibitor this year, making the 2017 edition a special one for us.

It was great to meet industry professionals and experts, visit the halls & other stands. It was interesting to hear from them about their experience at the show.

I caught up with Johan Bieleman, a senior consultant and coatings industry expert and this is what he had to say:
So many impressions and information have been collected over the three days! Amongst particular developments to be mentioned are concepts for formulating high quality waterborne paints, environmentally friendly architectural and industrial coatings, special effect pigments and additives for preparing VOC-free, ultra-stable colorants and tinters.”

Indeed there was a lot to keep track of – 7 halls and so many interesting booth displays! One that really stood out for me was that of Merck’s. They made use of virtual reality to ‘display’ their color solutions for the automotive segment. As you can imagine, it was quite a crowd pleaser!

Virtual Reality Diplay at Merck's Booth

Evonik too, found a ‘virtual’ way (using 360 degree video) to showcase its highly innovative High Throughput Equipment (THE) system. This system enables fully automated testing of coating formulations, which shortens the search for the optimum formulation.

Another feature attracting a number of footfalls was the Product Presentations in Halls 1, 5, and 7. Exhibitors presented their products and services in short 15 minute sessions. This took place all three days and gave good insights into what the industry is really focusing on. It was interesting to observe how some of the topics really dominated most of the presentations.

Let’s take a look at the Top 5 Themes:

1. Solutions for Eco-friendly Coatings

Majority of the presentations focused on environment-friendly solutions – water-based, 100% solids solvent-free, low VOC safer solvent-based…
Eco-friendly Coatings Here are some highlights:

Solutions for Solvent-free formulations

BYK presented its new solvent-free defoamers for solvent-free and high-solid systems. High processing viscosity and absence of solvents make defoaming of 100% systems and particularly UV- curing coatings quite difficult. And the presence of other ingredients (pigment, etc.) make it more challenging.

For such systems, they have developed two new defoamers (BYK 1788 and BYK 1799) with a focus on UV applications. They are suitable for wood and furniture coatings, general industrial and other coatings, as well as thermosets.

Munzing showcased EDAPLAN® 930 and 935, new high molecular weight polymeric solvent-free dispersing agents for high-solid coatings.
Key features:

  • Designed for organic & inorganic pigments and fillers. (EDAPLAN® 935 specially suited for carbon blacks)
  • Reduce viscosity at low shear ranges
  • Stabilize pigments against flocculation
  • Increase gloss and color strength

Solutions for Regulatory Compliance

OMG Borchers shared a presentation on alternate solutions to Cobalt and MEKO, following regulatory concerns. Borchi® OXY-Coat series are cobalt-free and exhibit improved drying activity, color, gloss and haze in coatings.

ASK Chemicals GmbH showcased a new series of high quality NECOWEL alkyd emulsions, which enables environmental labeling of corresponding coatings. NECOWEL 900er series are free of hazardous substance p-tert-butylbenzoic acid (ptBBA) offering following advantages:

  • High shear resistance
  • Long storage stability
  • Low odor
  • Fast-drying
  • Reduced yellowing
  • High gloss and good leveling

Another sustainable solution for the waterborne systems seen at the show was the newly launched SONGSORB® CS AQ01. This new hindered amine light stabilizer (HALS) has been designed specially for coatings applications like interior & exterior wood coatings, PU and automotive coatings.

I met Rosanna Telesca, leader of the market center coatings at SONGWON, who shared the benefits of this new product:

  • Displays high polarity and good compatibility with water
  • Ensures durable stabilization without impairing gloss in demanding applications (automotive interiors)
  • Offers low toxicity that enables label-free solutions

2. Anti-corrosion Solutions - Preventing Rust is a Must!

Anti-corrosion CoatingsCorrosion protection is essential from both safety and financial stand point. Prevention of rust in important for most applications like industrial, automotive, architectural…

Some interesting anti-corrosion solutions were presented at ECS.

Evonik showcased its new co-binder ALBIDUR® 1223, specially developed for anti-corrosion paints and coatings. It doesn’t migrate and can provide long-term resistance to chemicals and UV light. Another plus point is that it is not subject to labelling requirements as it does not contain any solvents and is silicone-free.

BYK’s new wetting and dispersing additives (DISPERBYK-2080 and DISPERBYK-2081) offer good corrosion protection. They are designed for waterborne primers used in anti-corrosive paints. The new grades also demonstrate good stain resistance.

Carboset® PL 3127 from Lubrizol was presented at the show – It is a peelable resin technology primarily for metal components. Key features:

  • Easily incorporated into water-borne formulation
  • Effective on multiple metal substrates, interior and exterior environments
  • Offers flexibility to formulators on viscosity, tintability, sag resistance and rheology functions in a one-component coating solution.
  • Exhibits fast dry time, peelability, chemical resistance, high elasticity and adhesion properties
  • VOC compliant and does not contain APEO’s or NPE’s

Synthomer highlighted its range of binders for anti-corrosive primers and monocoats:

  • Plextol R 5530 - Self-crosslinking VeoVa-Acrylic binder
  • Lipaton SB 5521- Styrene-butadiene latex
  • Revacryl AE 6030 - Styrene-acrylic dispersion
  • Revacryl R 5850 - Self-crosslinking styrene-acrylic dispersion

3. Anti-microbial / Preservatives Solutions

One of the innovative solutions presented was the MyCroFence AntiMicrobial Technology from Croda. It does not contain leachable toxic biocides and interacts with microbes in a physical way. This ensures safe anti-microbial protection.

MyCroFence AM 215
, a cationic acrylic resin and MyCroFence AM 216, a styrene-acrylic resin can be used in combination to formulate anti-microbial paints for both exterior and interior walls.

Preservatives to Avoid H 317 Labeling of In-can Paints

Two interesting solutions in this category:

Proxel Spektra™ Preservative, a formaldehyde- and MIT-free biocide from Lonza was launched at ECS. It is a dual-active, broad-spectrum biocide for wet-state preservation of water-based paints.

Lanxess has also showcased Preventol next A 29-D and Preventol next A 31-D that are fungicide/algicide combinations. Their innovative slow-release technology enables low leaching, making it more sustainable.

4. Popular Polyurethane Solutions

Polyurethane CoatingsMany exhibitors showcased interesting PU solutions – environment-friendly polyurethane dispersions (PUDs), thickeners for PU, polyisocyanates and polyols for water-based PU coatings.

Here are a few top picks:

BYK showcased a novel defoaming concept by introducing:

  • BYK-066N as a liquid defoamer in the binder part and
  • BYK-1690SD as a highly efficient solid defoamer in the powder part

This new approach enables the formulator to develop new 3K-PU leveling systems with enhanced overall performance

PU Hardners / Crosslinkers

Covestro showcased its new bio-based hardner, Bayhydur eco designed for WB wood coatings. This hydrophilic PDI based polyisocyanate allows the formulation of 2K PU coatings with:

  • Reduced VOC
  • Lower carbon footprint
  • Increased renewables

Another new product launched at ECS 2017, was the Easaqua™ X D 870 from Vencorex. It is a combination of HDI/IPDI derivatives offered in eco-friendly solvent (PGDA). Specially designed for WB 2K PU and to meet strict VOC regulations. Its main features are:

  • Low viscosity
  • High chemical resistance
  • Good balance between ease of emulsification and drying time

Asahi Kasei
showcased two solutions for 2K PU:

  • Hydrophobic ultra-low viscosity HDI polyisocyanate for WB industrial coatings
  • Hydrophilic polycarbonate-diol for WB soft-touch coatings

PU Thickeners

Coatex (Arkema group) presented their new COAPUR™ XS 83, new highly pseudoplastic polyurethane thickener (HEUR) for industrial application.

Final Application Benefits Offered
Acrylic Industrial Paint
  • Efficiency
  • Sag and leveling balance
  • Chemical resistance
Industrial Alkyd Primer
  • Pseudoplastic performance
  • Storage stability
  • Water resistance

Elementis presented RHEOLATE® HX 6010, a novel PU thickener, which is designed as a Newtonian high shear (ICI) builder.

5. Innovative Pigments

Table below feature some of the key innovative Pigments showcased at European Coatings Show:

Supplier Pigment
Merck KGaA Meoxal - Luminous Metal Effect Pigments
BASF Sicopal® Red EH 2370 (L 3050) - High performance inorganic red pigment for architectural and industrial coatings
HOFFMANN MINERNAL GmbH Silfit Z 91 - New Eco-friendly TiO2 Extender for Decorative Emulsion Paints
OMG Borchers Advanced Solution for transparent iron oxide dispersion in waterborne concentrate
Heubach HEUCOTINT™ UN - High Performance Tinting Systems
Billions Europe Ltd. Introducing the Billions Chloride Titanium Dioxide Pigments for Coatings
Clariant SE Color Design for consumer goods with highly transparent colorants

Check out the exclusive ECS 2017 Channel for more details!

See you at Amsterdam for ECS 2019!

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