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Doping Increases Effectiveness

SpecialChem / Mar 25, 2009

Since discovering the photocatalytic properties of titanium dioxide, great expectations have been placed on this semiconducting material. A very promising application, besides effluent water purification, is air quality improvement by photocatalytic degradation of atmospheric pollutants. Initial investigations with titanium dioxide in architectural finishes, road coatings and interior paints have, however, not shown convincing results regarding air quality improvements. It was therefore necessary to seek methods of increasing the photocatalytic efficiency of the incorporated titanium dioxide. By appropriate doping of ultrafine titanium dioxide in the anatase modification, the effectiveness can be enlarged significantly, which leads to a considerable increase in the rate of pollutant decomposition. From Pigment to Cleaner (Purifier) Titanium dioxide itself has inherent cleansing properties. Since its first commercial manufacture in 1916, it is by far the most important white pigment in terms of production volume.

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