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Color Impact

SpecialChem / Feb 23, 2005

Of interest is the small but significant fact that color is for most people a 24-7-365 phenomenon, present in many if not all aspects of life. To illustrate this point, try to think of something that is absent of color and you will quickly realize that most of the tangible things we have grown accustom to have either been colored by man or Mother Nature herself. We ought to acknowledge that color is an integral part of our life, that color decisions are made daily by most people, even if only implicitly, and that color impacts how one frames his or her reality. Many of these color decision makers work within the paint/ink industry, where color is one of the most important requirements. The perception of color on a house, a car, a computer or even the printed page has the ability to impact emotionally all those that interact and/or are exposed to the stimulus or the offering. The mystery then lays not so much in the prevailing presence of color, but rather in the state of color knowledge we have developed over so many years of interest. As a point of comparison, medicine and architecture are as ancient phenomena as color.

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