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Checkmate for Microbes

SpecialChem / May 25, 2005

Paints that repel microorganisms are increasingly in demand, and biocides based on silver ions are suitable for this purpose. The antimicrobial properties of paints, and the long-term effect of additives can be examined by carrying out rinsing and light-exposure tests on the paint surfaces. The demand for paints that repel microorganisms - for instance in a sterile environment or in areas where strict hygiene standards are required - is on the increase. The medical profession has already been using various antimicrobially equipped materials for many years. In addition to conventional antimicrobial additives, purely organic substances, such as triclosan, for example, are also used in a pure form, i.e. metallic silver products.1 The effectiveness of such silver products is based on the slow and continuous leaching of superfine silver ions that interact with the metabolism of the microorganisms in various ways.1 For example, silver ions can inhibit enzyme activity, especially those containing sulfur.

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