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Challenges with UV/LED Inkjet Ink Formulation

Terence Kenneth – Nov 15, 2017

UV/LED Inkjet PrinterUV ink technology has already replaced solvent- and water-based inks and it continues to grow because of its:

 » Rapid curing rate
 » Tough adhesion on wide range of substrates
 » Excellent color values
 » And more!

But, there exist few challenges with its formulations that may hinder its performance properties, if not examined carefully.

Find out some formulation challenges that you might face while dealing with typical UV ink components and explore the possible solutions to them along with an example of UV ink formulation guide.

Read this article now to know more…

4 Comments on "Challenges with UV/LED Inkjet Ink Formulation"
James D Oct 31, 2018
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Terence K Nov 20, 2017
Hello Chen M - UV Flexo ink formulations are completely different from UV Inkjet formulations, the main differences being viscosity and particle size to name just two. They're certainly not interchangeable. I can't comment on Domino inks, except to say that these are digital inks - not flexo inks. James Z - please contact me directly at terence at inkintelligence dot com for a specific recommendation. Thanks.
Chen M Nov 17, 2017
In my experience, UV flexo inks and Jetrion type of UV inks share some common place. When a film prints well on UV flexo, it is more likely to print well on Jetrion type of printers. The Domino UV printer is different. Is this because of the ink formulation difference? Could you comment on Domino inks? Thanks! MC
James Z Nov 17, 2017
What do you recommend for pigments or pigment dispersions compatible with cationic (super acid) photoinitiators?

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