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Painting a Greener Future – New Raw Materials, R&D for Coatings and Inks

Payal Ahuja – Apr 22, 2020

Painting a Greener Future – New Raw Materials, R&D for Coatings and InksBio-based and environmentally friendly coating raw materials and additives are now well established in the industry!

There are certainly several bio-based raw materials available in the market and each year we see more and more ingredients being launched. The complete supply chain is now stepping up its efforts to develop raw materials derived from bio or renewable sources.

Reduction in GHG emissions, low or free VOC, shortage of petrochemical-derived raw materials, etc. are some of the pressing factors driving the market growth of biobased coatings.

In order to meet this demand of greener coatings, recently we have seen some very interesting raw material advances, research developments & partnerships in the industry.

Let's take a look…

Bio-based Raw Materials are Taking Centerstage

Listed here are the recently launched ingredients for paints and coatings:

Supplier Product Name Features
allnex UCECOAT® 7999
  • A tin- and APEO-free, UV-curable polyurethane dispersion with 20% bio-based content
  • Suitable for clear and white formulations aimed for industrial wood applications
  • Offers high mechanical- and chemical resistance after cure
Eastman Cellulose Esters
  • Food-contact compliant cellulose esters
  • Bio-content value between 35 - 55%
Solus™ 2100 Performance Additive
  • A food-contact compliant rheology control additive for high-solids 2K coatings
  • Calculated approximate bio-content value of 36%
Braskem HE-70S
  • A bio-based oxygenated solvent with lower toxicity and higher solvency power versus hydrocarbon solvents
  • Designed for inks and thinners
Itaconix BIO*Asterix™ Functional Additives
  • Bio-based functional additives derived from itaconic acid
  • Recommended for decorative paints
  • Range of vinyl acetate co- and terpolymer dispersions and dispersible polymer powders produced using renewable resources
  • Derived from bio-based acetic acid, a substance is formed as a byproduct of wood-industry processes
  • For use as binders in construction applications, such as dry-mix mortars, tile adhesives or waterproofing membranes
Chemical Process Services Ltd. (Bitrez) Furalkamine ‘Green’ Epoxy Curing Agents
  • Mannich-base curing agents, derived from pentosane-rich biomass
  • Suitable for solvent-free or high solids, low-VOC maintenance specialized marine coatings, protective coatings
  • Maintains regulatory compliance in EU

 »  Continue reading to learn about latest research advances as well as industry partnerships driving the commercializing of bio-based technologies for broader industrial applications...

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