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Are your Photoinitiators Optimized for LED Inks Curing?

J. Pesenti & C. Goëller – Apr 13, 2016

UV LED Curing & Photoinitiators SelectionUV-inks are made of different chemical components. Among all those components, one has a crucial role: the photoinitiator. Indeed, the photoinitiator is the UV-ink component that will react with the emitted light from the UV source.

Up to now inks formulators developed and optimized some photoinitiators for usual lamps curing. But nobody made this important work yet with the LED curing whereas we saw that the lighting was not the same at all. Now, formulators introduce an amount of these photoinitiators – generally more than the necessary amount – in LED cured inks without being aware the appropriate combination between these photoinitiators and the UV-LED sources.

Read on and explore:

  • Differences between UV-LED & Mercury lamps
  • Photoinitiators: The base for Inks Curing Processes
  • The role of optics

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