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Antibacterial Dry Film Protection for Interior Coatings

SpecialChem / PCI Magazine – Jul 16, 2008

The need for antimicrobial products to protect water-based coatings against bacteria, yeast, fungus and algae is well established in the coatings industry. For exterior coatings, the market has responded with appropriate, cost-effective antimicrobials that dramatically expand the lifespan of the applied coating. Recently, increased emphasis on the use of dry film fungicides for interior coatings has arisen, and the market has responded with appropriate and effective products. Now, there is an increasing market interest in providing dry film antibacterial protection for niche interior market areas such as daycare centers, hospitals, food processing locations, elder care facilities, etc. It is into this market that Troy is introducing Troysan® 1050, a product designed for dry film bacterial protection of coatings.Why the recent emphasis on interior dry film protection? Traditionally, buildings were ventilated by natural air exchange. Today's modern, energy-efficient buildings are more 'airtight', which often leads to increased humidity and moisture condensation.

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