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An investigation on synthesis of alkyd resin with sorbitol

SpecialChem / Mar 15, 2014

Sorbitol, as an abundant, cheap and renewable resource, is considered as a potential raw material for the manufacture of alkyd resin. In this study, the kinetics on preparation of alkyd resin using phthalic anhydride, sorbitol and soya bean fatty acid as raw materials is investigated. Three kinds of sorbitol based alkyd resins (SAR) samples having fatty acid content (OLf) of 42% (SAR1), 52% (SAR2)

1 Comments on "An investigation on synthesis of alkyd resin with sorbitol"
ghasem z Jan 13, 2019
hi.i have question about sobitol.at compare gelcirine with sorbitol witch better dried( resin produce)

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