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Advanced Process Intensification Brings Shear Genius To Pigment Dispersion

SpecialChem / Mar 19, 2008

Dispersing pigments for paints and dyes increases the surface area of the product's ingredients by dispersing the solids or reducing their particle size. Advanced reactor-based technology can be used to achieve this. The principle works by using a de-agglomerating turbulent mixing in one stage, followed by a physical impact and polishing action on the solid materials and the other ingredients present. Finally, a homogenising stage gives uniformity of colour, texture, and physical and chemical properties with a high degree of stability in the finished product. The heart of the process is the use of the reactor to manipulate the flow of material over a defined path so that the maximum amount of work is done on the material with a minimum of external energy input. The individual functions of traditional mixing technologies have been applied to the various reactors, which are manufactured carefully to duplicate the functions of turbulence, with different high shear mixes and particle size reduction at a high intensification level within the reactor.

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