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A Success Story: High-Performance 2K Waterborne Coatings

SpecialChem / PCI Magazine – Aug 6, 2008

Graffito (graffiti, plural) is a word that is simple in meaning - any design, or scribbled motto, etc., drawn on a wall or other exposed surface.1 Yet its simple meaning belies the incredible expense and sheer nuisance associated with its practice in today's society. In fact, graffiti has been with us since the dawn of civilization;2 however, in today's world and global economy graffiti has often come to mean the defacing of public buildings, transportation vehicles, or any other entity that is highly visible to the general public. [Graffiti on a wall] Cities often spend millions of dollars annually for graffiti removal.3 The newer and more grandiose the structure, the more likely it will be a target for such "artists." It is therefore not surprising that the coatings chemist is required to develop higher-performance, more reliable coatings, which require minimal maintenance; these coatings must also have long service lives to combat the ever-increasing challenge of unwanted graffiti.

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