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A Special Paint Starch from Agrana Stärke GmbH

SpecialChem / Oct 28, 2009

Thickeners are not only responsible for the viscosity of a paint, but they also have a substantial influence on the smoothness and the thickness of the application layer, the leveling of the paint and the spatter resistance by brushing or rolling. Obviously, these factors result in very stringent demands being placed on the paint’s thickener. Agrana has succeeded in developing new starch derivatives to be introduced as thickeners for emulsion paints and emulsion-based plaster that not only satisfy these exacting demands, but actually contribute additional improvements.In emulsion paints, celluloses are commonly used as thickeners. In particular, low and medium viscosity celluloses are primarily used in quality paints and have dominated the market for decades. However, the need to control rheology over a wide range of shear rates has resulted in the development of markedly higher viscosity celluloses. These now permit the meaningful employment of starch derivatives, where combinations of starches and high viscosity celluloses are being used.

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