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End-use Markets

End-use Markets

UBE provides high value-added and superior quality products that outperform the market for the five below businesses:

Bullet  Specialty Chemicals & Products

Creating high-value-added, strikingly original chemical products such as materials with highly specialized or environmentally friendly features
- Specialty Products
(Polyimides, Battery materials, Separation membranes, Ceramics)

- Fine Chemicals
(Dimethyl carbonate, 1,5-pentane diol, 1,6-hexane diol, polycarbonate diol, PCD, diphenol derivatives)

- Pharmaceuticals

Bullet  Chemicals & Plastics

Chemicals and plastics are a key component of UBE’s chemical business. This sector supports modern industry and the everyday comfort and convenience of consumers with a wide range of materials.
- ε-Caprolactam

- Polyamides

- Synthetic Rubber

Bullet  Cement & Construction Materials

UBE Group meets diversified needs for superior performance products in the civil engineering and construction industries.

Bullet  Machinery and Metal Products

UBE provides high reliability die-casting machines, injection molding machines, and extrusion presses

Bullet  Energy and Environment

UBE’s environment business is helping to reduce environmental impact by promoting revolutionary waste recycling systems and adopting reusable biomass energy.
Energy n Environment

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