allnex ECOWISE™ CHOICE is the outcome of applying best practices of Sustainable Portfolio Management to our business. The portfolio is a selection of products having optimal end use performance and meeting stringent environmental, health and safety requirements in the coatings industry.

ECOWISE™ CHOICE is especially designed to deliver the greatest combined value for our customers, the society and the environment. It is a testament to our pledge to pursue a more sustainable future with our stakeholders - to be ECOWISE together -

The products are assessed along the five sustainability pillars of allnex:

  • Safer materials
  • Air emissions
  • Circular economy
  • Energy efficiency
  • Renewable sourcing
Energy Efficiency Circular Economy Renewable Sourcing Safer Materials Air Emissions Sustainable pillars
Sustainable Portfolio Management


Sustainable Portfolio Management is the keystone of our Sustainability Program, it enables us to steer our product offering and innovation pipeline in line with the sustainability needs of the market. It will enable us to support our customers, end-markets, and stakeholders

Benoit De Becker
VP Strategy & Innovation
We define our ECOWISE™ CHOICE portfolio by market segment, following the fundamental principle of assessing products within the relevant market applications.

Following the successful launch of the portfolio for Industrial Wood applications, we broaden our offering with an ECOWISE CHOICE product range for Building and Decorative applications. The scope of the ECOWISE CHOICE portfolio is set to expand to other markets in the coming months.
ECOWISE™ CHOICE portfolio by market segment


The ECOWISE CHOICE product range offers a complete portfolio of green technologies, designed to help our customers build a sustainability & performance based proposition, meeting key requirements of eco labels and industry players such as green building councils and furniture manufacturers.

The portfolio includes water borne, UV curable, powders and formaldehyde-free crosslinking solutions, designed to improve indoor air quality, make our living spaces healthier and extend service life.

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Know more about top 5 Product datsheets

CYMEL® NF 3030

CYMEL® NF 3030 resin by allnex is a formaldehyde-free, cross-linking agent supplied in water. It has a high Tg and should be paired with softer polyols (Tg < 30°C) to avoid film checking or cracking. It exhibits superior catalyzed pot life relative to isocyanate-based conversion varnishes. The resulting coatings have excellent appearance, early hardness, resistance properties, and hot/cold cycle flexibility. It shows excellent compatibility with acrylic-, alkyd- and polyester resins...


UCECOAT® 7999 is a bio-based, energy curable, low-viscous polyurethane dispersion by allnex. It is a solvent-, tin- and APEO-free resin developed as a high-end binder for water-based clear and pigmented coatings. Used in natural or coated wood and other substrates including plastics, PVC flooring, paper & paperboard, leather and textile or concrete...


EBECRYL® 5848 by allnex is an epoxidized soya oil acrylate based in part on (62%) renewable resources. Offers moderate viscosity and good hydrophilic-lipophilic balance for lithography. It provides improved flow, leveling and pigment wetting in ultraviolet light (UV) or electron beam (EB) energy curable inks and coatings. Adhesion and flexibility are often enhanced when EBECRYL® 5848 is used as a modifier in inks and clear or pigmented coatings on paper, wood and metal...

CRYLCOAT® 4655-2

CRYLCOAT® 4655-2 by allnex is a super-durable, saturated polyester resin for fast curing with HAA hardener in a 95/5 ratio. It can replace up to 30% of low bake standard durable Primid® resins to improve blooming resistance, outdoor durability and reactivity. It is designed for powder coatings. The shelf life of CRYLCOAT® 4655-2 is 12 months....


SETAQUA® 6799 by allnex is a surfactant-free, self-crosslinking aqueous dispersion of acrylic polymers. It exhibits excellent blocking resistance when applied in thick films, good transparency and non-yellowing properties. It possesses good outdoor durability and dirt pickup resistance...

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