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Coatings Ingredients
The material selection platform
Coatings Ingredients
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Coatings ingredients supplied by BASF

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Dipropylene glycol monomethyl ether, methoxypropoxypropanol, and methyldipropylene glycol. Acts as a clear, low-voltility, water miscible, neutral solvent for use in printing inks and coatings... view more
Solvenon® DPnB by BASF is a mixture of dipropylene glycol (mono) butyl ether and butoxy-dipropanol. It is a low odor, colorless, relatively slow-evaporating solvent. Solvenon® DPnB is used for... view more
Solvenon® PM by BASF is a colorless, clear, hygroscopic, meth­ylpropylene glycol. It is a medium-volatility, water-miscible neutral solvent for coatings and printing inks. Possesses a mild... view more
Propylene glycol (mono) butyl ether. Acts as a clear, fast evaporating glycol ether based solvent. Possesses a good solvent power. Exhibits good miscibility with most organic solvents and partial... view more
Tripropylene glycol mono n-butyl ether. Acts as a clear, odorless, light yellowish, mobile solvent for paints and printing inks. Also acts as a coalescing agent for water-borne architectural and... view more
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