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Coatings Ingredients
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Coatings Ingredients
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Coatings ingredients supplied by Pinova

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Product Name
Pinova (DRT)
Pentaerythritol ester of modified rosin. It is internally plasticized but has rapid solvent release. Provides good gloss and solution stability. Shows wide compatibility and solubility range. Used... view more
Pinova (DRT)
Pentaerythritol ester of maleic anhydride-modified wood rosin. It is a pale, high softening point, high acid number, thermoplastic resin. It is highly soluble in typical organic solvents as well as... view more
Pinova (DRT)
Maleic-modified pentaerythritol ester of rosin. Shows good pigment wetting ability, gloss promotability good solubility and compatibility. Provides good color retention. Used in flushing colors and... view more
Pinova (DRT)
Highly maleic-modified pentaerythritol ester of rosin. It is an extremely hard thermoplastic resin. Shows good pigment wetting ability, high gloss, good color retention, good solubility and... view more
Pentalyn™ 380-M Resin by Synthomer is a phenol-free, maleic modified rosin ester. It provides very low viscosity and high solubility in mineral oils. It exhibits low structured visco-elastic... view more
Fumaric adduct of rosin. Possesses moderate acidity. Is partially esterized to obtain hardness and moderate acidity, which makes it dispersible in ammonia or amine water. Used in waterbased... view more
Partially esterized fumaric adduct of rosin. Used for rotogravure inks... view more
Phenol-based gum rosin pentaerythritol ester (85-95%). It exhibits medium viscosity, very good solubility in various oils and partial mineral oil compatibility. Recommended for lithographic and... view more
Phenolic modified rosin ester. Offers low viscosity and low solubility in mineral oils. Its properties make it especially recommendable for lithographic inks or offset high brightness inks in quick... view more
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