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Coatings Ingredients
The material selection platform
Coatings Ingredients
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Coatings ingredients supplied by Polynt

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Product Name
Higher solid styrene acrylic latex. Possesses very good gloss retention, good abrasion resistance, water resistance and gloss development. Used in concrete and masonry coatings, non-specification... view more
Styrene acrylic latex resin. Offers very good ink and tannin stain as well as good topcoat cracking resistance. Provides very good low temperature film formation, very good early water and humidity... view more
Aquamac® 440 by Polynt is styrene acrylic latex. It had wide formulation latitude. Offers good chemical and stain resistance. Provides very good exterior durability, good gloss and appearance... view more
Acrylic latex polymer. Exhibits good balance between hardness and adhesion. Offers very good gloss development, abrasion resistance and good exterior durability. Used in floor paints, block fillers... view more
Styrene acrylic latex polymer. Provides very good clarity, hardness and mar resistance. Compatible with polyurethane dispersions. Used for clear wood finishes... view more
Self-crosslinking styrene acrylic latex. Offers very good block resistance, gloss development and adhesion to wide variety of substrates. Has good MEK double rubs and chemical resistance. Used for... view more
Acrylic latex. Exhibits very good adhesion and grain crack resistance. Offers good exterior durability, good adhesion to gloss alkyd and metal as well as good grain crack resistance. Used in... view more
Styrene acrylic latex polymer. Exhibits very good stain block. Provides very good tannin, ink blocking, good metal adhesion, corrosion resistance, stability with zinc oxide and low odor. Used in... view more
Styrene acrylic latex. Has superior water, blush and efflorescence resistance as well as adhesion to masonry surfaces. Offers very good resistance to hydrostatic pressure and early water resistance... view more
APE-free acrylic latex. Offers outstanding block resistance and very good adhesion to a variety of substrates. Provides very good scrub resistance, good chemical resistance and very good MEK double... view more
APE-free vinyl acrylic latex. Offers very good scrub resistance, gloss development and good block resistance. Provides good thickener efficiency and high pigment-binding properties. Used in interior... view more
High gloss, styrene acrylic, latex polymer. Has outstanding color, gloss retention as well as an excellent combination of hardness and flexibility. Exhibits outstanding early water resistance, salt... view more
Surfactant-free, acrylic latex. Offers very good gloss, water resistance, improved thickener efficiency, very good humidity and water resistance. Exhibits good adhesion to galvanized steel and... view more
Aquamac® 740 by Polynt is styrene acrylic latex polymer. Offers excellent gloss development, good block resistance, corrosion resistance and good metal adhesion. Exhibits high gloss capability and... view more
Self-crosslinking styrene acrylic latex resin. Offers very good chemical resistance, corrosion resistance. Has gloss and appearance, good MEK double rubs. Used in general industrial, light-duty... view more
Anionic-stabilized styrene acrylic emulsion. Offers good water resistance, very good wet and dry tack as well as high pigment-binding power. Used for elastomeric coatings in vertical applications or... view more
Anionic aqueous styrene acrylic emulsion. Has very high binding power, good water resistance, hydrolytic stability and weathering. Offers low tack with high elasticity. Used for interior and... view more
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