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Reducing Agent TP 1651 by Brüggemann is a formaldehyde-free reducing agent with high process robustness. It shows excellent performance for the emulsion polymerization of styrene acrylate based... view more
BRUGGOLITE® E28 by Brüggemann is a sodium salt of organic derivatives of sulfinic and sulfonic acid. It is a reducing agent for emulsion polymerization at low pH conditions. It is used in the... view more
BRUGGOLITE® FF6 M by Brüggemann is a sodium salt of an organic sulfinic acid derivative. It is a formaldehyde-free reducing agent for emulsion polymerization. It is applied in solution at a... view more
Dispersing Agent TP 1807 by Brüggemann is a dispersing- and wetting agent for aqueous pigment preparations and coatings. It is a water-based blend of copolymers which is APE- and solvent-free. Tests... view more
Reducing Agent TP 1634 by Brüggemann is an antioxidant for aqueous emulsion polymers. It is a modified salt of a sulfonic acid derivative, free of VOC’s, including formaldehyde which prevents... view more
Improve the durability of Polyurethane
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