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EXOCOAT® 143 by Axcentive is a solvent-based resin (60% solids in Butyl acetate) suitable for use in coatings for metal, plastic and glass substrates. It covalently bonds with the substrate... view more
EXOCOAT® AC by Axcentive is a hybrid Sol-gel (60%) resin in isopropyl alcohol (2K) designed for anti-corrosion coatings. It can be used as 1 component force cure sol-gel based system or 2 component... view more
EXOCOAT® AG-2 by Axcentive is a 2K hybrid Sol-gel (50%) resin in isopropyl alcohol. It is designed for durable easy to clean, dirt resistant, anti-graffiti and strong water repellent smart coatings... view more
EXOCOAT® AQ Seal by Axcentive is a 1K superhydrophobic and omniphobic nano-sphere (10% in ethanol). This PFOS- and PFOA-free sol-gel technology grade comes with extremely high water and oil... view more
EXOCOAT® Clearview by Axcentive is a 1K hybrid sol-gel system in ethanol. It has been designed for water repellent, easy-to-clean, glass coatings. It can be applied in coatings for glass... view more
EXOCOAT® AQ Clearview-2 by Axcentive is a 2K hybrid sol-gel in ethanol. It is designed for durable water repellent, easy to clean, dirt resistant glass coatings. This solvent-based nano system can... view more
EXOCOAT® SH by Axcentive is an inorganic 1K superhydrophobic Sol-Gel system for breathable concrete and masonry sealers. It has extremely high water exclusion properties which helps to produce... view more
Ketjenflex® 12 by Axcentive is a plasticizer used in inks, coatings and plastisols. Compatible with NC, PVB, CAB, acrylic and PVC/vinyl, resins. Bio-based, safe phthalate replacement. Ketjenflex® 12... view more
Ketjenflex® 8 by Axcentive is an adhesion promoting flexibilizer for solvent based inks based on NC, PU, vinyl, PA, and PVB. Particularly suited for adhesion promotion in lamination inks for... view more
Ketjenflex® CP by Axcentive is a high quality grade PTSA (98% crystalized). Catalyst based on paratoluene sulfonic acid used in reactions of many chemical systems. As such it is used in typically... view more
Ketjenflex® MH by Axcentive is a plasticizing coresin for overprint varnishes and solvent based inks based on NC, PU, and PA. Improves film toughness and aesthetics. In compliance with global... view more
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