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Aptalon™ W8030 by Lubrizol is a water-borne, self-crosslinking, self-matting 1K polyurethane dispersion using patented polyamide polyol technology. It is designed for high performance and low VOC... view more
Solsperse™ W200 by Lubrizol is a 100 % active liquid polymeric hyperdispersant for organic pigment and high performance carbon black dispersions in water-based systems that are either... view more
CRYLCOAT® 2453-2 by allnex is a good flow, carboxylated polyester resin. Designed for use with 7% TGIC to manufacture powder coatings for architectural applications. Exhibits outdoor durability and... view more
CRYLCOAT® 2645-3 by Allnex is a carboxylated polyester resin. Acts as a low demand HAA hardener at 180°C. Offers high blooming resistance, good mechanical properties, good flow & surface appearance... view more
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